The Melonhead Foundation

The Melonhead/Joolz Connection:
I met Deb Leone several years ago at a community group that I was already involved in. Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of  assisting her with the foundation that she started in memory of her daughter Melanie (The Melonhead Foundation). I have provided color printings of Melonhead related materials, donated jewelry for Silent Auctions, door prizes for events, and my daughter and I have volunteered our time for this cause.  However, I knew I wanted to do more. While opening my website, an idea started growing (much like a watermelon seed).  I wanted to add a page to this website, devoted to jewelry with a watermelon theme.  A portion of the proceeds from sales of that page would go to the Melonhead Foundation to help in the important work that they do.  I have been buying some watermelon themed lampwork beads (only artisan made!) over the last year or so and have been blessed with gifts of watermelon beads from my friends.  I hope that these donations of beads will continue to grow as I will continue to make them into special “Joolz.” 
About The Melonhead Foundation:
The Melonhead Foundation ( is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the needs of children with cancer and their families who are seeking alternative methods of healing. These methods include any and all natural medicines and treatments, provided through a variety of facilities.

It is the foundation's belief that a whole, healthy state of being is achieved through a complete program treating body, mind and soul. The foundation raises and disperses funds to patients for treatment needs and to the families for their personal needs in order to provide a positive nurturing environment for the patient.

 Please visit their site at for more information and  this page to check back for new watermelon Joolz as they are created.
How You Can Help:
If you would like to donate glass lampwork beads in your interpretation of watermelon (by shape or color or concept), contact me for details. I'll include a link to your website along with online credit for your generous donation.

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